In 2015, its difficult to crawl into an abandoned building in Detroit and find much more then peeling paint, broken glass, and the endless spray can efforts of graffiti artists. Over the last decade or so many of the interesting things left behind have been removed, destroyed, or sold for profit. However, Detroit still holds some valuable secrets inside the derelict buildings.

Recently, a couple of urban explorers found something that is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $1 million dollars in an abandoned factory here in the city.

If you collected sports cards as a child, you are going to be jealous. The pair of explorers found boxes and boxes of Topps sports cards from the 1980’s and 1990’s. Individually, many of the cards are not worth much, but the entire collection together is quite valuable.

From Daily Mail UK:

The sports cards technically belong to whoever owns the building or possibly another company who paid for them to be stored there under contract.

But the absence of many doors and windows in the once-thriving factory points to the fact that no-one official has been on the premises for decades.

The only people aware of the treasure trove are the handful of explorers who know of its existence, some occasionally seeking out valuable cards to sell themselves online.

At least one man, who goes by the name of Slanks, regularly frequents the factory to find cards to sell, claiming it has been his primary source of income.