When you perform an internet search for “where did techno” start, you end up with a pretty clear answer, Detroit, MI. There is no refuting that Detroit is most legendary techno city, and rightly so. We want to share 10 documentaries that show you everything dealing with Detroit Techno.

10. Techno City

Produced in 2001, Techno City, highlights the second ever Detroit Electronic Music Festival with new-school legends such as Carl Craig, Stacey Pullen, and Kenny Larkin.

9. Detroit Techno & Electronic Music Festival

Detroit Techno City Documentary from Rave Channel on Vimeo.

DEMF has been running for over 12 years, and the last few years it’s changed into Movement. It has changed countless organizers, production companies, major sponsors, and official names, over the years. This document takes a look at the rags to riches story of DEMF/Movement.

8. High Tech Soul

High Tech Soul Looks at the social aspect of the Detroit Underground Music scene. Features all players in the game, including the lesser-known artists, who are equally important, like classic club, and The Music Institute’s promoter, George Baker.

7. Current TV’s Underground Resistance Episode

This documentary was created by Current TV examining the UR story from front to back. It goes into “Mad Mike” Banks’ take on Underground Resistance, the label and collective he founded in the early ’90s to subvert dominant record labels.

6. Modulations

This documentary goes far beyond Detroit, but it still traces the roots of dance music to the Motor City. It features Derrick May, Juan Atkins, Eddie Fowlkes, and more.

5. Universal Techno

Universal Techno, is a French-produced 1996 documentary which goes into techno’s main players: Juan Atkins, Derrik May, Jeff Mills, UR, and other major players. This documentary also goes further, talking with folks like Autechre about how Detroit’s impact has spread overseas.

4. Belle Isle Tech

Made by skate photographer Ari Marcopoulos, this Belle Isle Tech documentary follows DJ Assault and Mr. De’ around Detroit for a few days. Offers some cool shots of the city.

3. Slices – Pioneers of Electronic Music: Richie Hawtin

Richie Hawtin spent most of his formative years in Windsor, but doing a top ten without a documentary on Richie Hawtin’s Detroit Techno Legacy doesn’t make sense. He had a large impact on the scene in Detroit and took it to Europe in the 2000s.

2. Detroit: Blueprint for Techno

MuchMusic cable channel produced this documentary. It goes for 25 minutes, but covers many important aspects .

1. Real Scenes: Detroit

An extremely well done documentary on Detroit Techno. It was produced by Resident Advisor and Bench. It talks about the current side of Detroit’s regeneration, rather than focusing on it’s sullen history and post industrial decay.


Credit for the Original Article goes to: Ken Taylor, Beatport.com