Michigan has so many gorgeous sights to offer. Whether you’re walking along one of the thousands of shorelines, or witnessing a group of college guys take Frankenmuth’s Bavarian Inn’s offer of an all you can eat chicken dinner as more of a “challenge” than a “deal”, there are plenty of things that can take your breath away on a daily basis if you let them.

There are plenty of “lists” out there on places you need to see in Michigan, or top whatever views only seen in the Mitten, but not a single one of them is complete. There is always something missing; something someone else would have added and are offended the list didn’t, quite frankly. In fact, I’m sure there will be someone saying Zehnder’s is way better than the Bavarian Inn.

That being said, here is an incomplete list of some sights that make Michigan beautiful, in no particular order.


  1. Green Point Overlook


Part of the Green Point Dunes, this nature preserve offers nearly three miles hiking trails that makes way through forests and meadows. Located near the “pinkie” part of the state, about an hour from Traverse City, visitors to Green Point will experience beautiful views of Lake Michigan.


  1. Coach Insignia, Detroit

Coach Insignia

Like most major cities, Detroit’s skyline is something to behold, but taking in the whole city from the bird’s eye vantage point of the skyline itself is even more impressive. Coach Insignia sits high on top of GM’s Renaissance Center allowing 360 degrees of uninterrupted views of the city and riverfront. If that isn’t enough to entice you, it’s also a restaurant with top-notch cuisine.


  1. Taquamenon Falls


This is one place that I never see on the “Most Beautiful” lists, but I always see in the comments section. Located in the far reaches of the Upper Peninsula, Taquamenon Falls is a mesmerizing sight to take in. The sound of the water crashing 50 feet is hypnotizing and the seemingly untouched nature surrounding the falls gives the whole area a fairy tale feel.


  1. Silver Lake Sand Dunes

silver lake sand dunes

Located just up highway 31 from Muskegon, the Silver Lake Sand Dunes offer a great setting for adrenaline ATV action. At sunset, visitors are treated to a watercolor sky.


  1. The Fox Theater

Duke Of September 2012 Production Rehearsal

Seating nearly 5,000, the Fox Theater in Detroit is one of the most beautiful stages for music performances, touring Broadway shows, and all sorts of live entertainment. The soaring ceiling begs you to stare and marvel at its intricate design. The Fox Theater offers far more than what is featured on the stage.


  1. Windmill Island Gardens


Holland, Michigan is host to some of the most authentic looking windmills around. Surrounded by more tulips than anyone thought possible, these structures prove that rustic can be gorgeous.


  1. Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes

Sleeping Bear dunes

These majestic sand dunes that line Lake Michigan are not merely legendary, a perch above a 450-foot drop offers sweeping views of the crystal waters below.


  1. The Big House

the big house

Whether you bleed maize and blue or you’re a hardcore Spartan, one thing can’t be denied: the sight of U of M’s packed football stadium is daunting. Only the second largest stadium in the world – first in the United States – the Big House has packed in over 100,000 fans for over four decades. Win or lose, taking in a game at U of M’s Big House should be on everyone’s bucket list.


  1. Isle Royale National Park

isle royale

The 45 square mile national park situated on an island in the middle of Lake Superior allows nature to grow and roam free. The island is remote and is hard to get to, but the scenery more than makes up for the effort. For the adventurous, the island is ringed by a shipwreck graveyard. For experienced SCUBA divers, Isle Royale National Park offers breath-taking scenes both on land, and under the water.


  1. Mackinac Bridge

Mackinac bridge

Connecting the Upper and Lower Peninsula’s, the Mackinac Bridge is the fifth longest suspension bridge in the world. Travelers going in either direction are treated to an expansive view of Lakes Michigan, to the west, and Huron, to the east.


11. Pictured Rocks

Pictured Rocks

America’s first National lake shore, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is a magical sight to see. The turquoise waters of Lake Superior surround the cliffs covered in a mosaic of colors. With over 100 miles of trails, one could easily get lost in nature.


12. The Changing of the Seasons


michigan fall colors

One addition I’ve seen on almost every list is the colors. It doesn’t matter if you’re up north where the trees are plenty or just driving down a tree-lined street, when the leaves start to change, there is nothing more gorgeous.


This list is far from definitive. Our Great Lakes State has more beauty than one list or even a hundred lists can provide. Yes, I could have just said “the entirety of the Upper Peninsula” and “all of the shorelines”, but that would have been a cop-out.  I just hope it ignited as great a wanderlust as it did with me. If you feel like this list is lacking something, go ahead and add it in the comments.

LIST INSPIRED BY: “These 17 Jaw Dropping Places In Michigan Will Leave You Breathless