Belle Isle still draws a good crowd, despite the lack of tender loving care. For the most part, people take a drive, barbecue, or pedal around the island. The park was once a mecca for sports activity in Detroit. Now, the island’s athletic facilities are about to get some much needed work done thanks to the federal government.

The newly named state park has been granted $325,000 as part of a larger funding initiative by the National Park Service to assist in the renovation of over 50 acres. The grant Belle Isle will be benefiting from is part of a much larger $3 million effort to improve athletic facilities all over the country called the Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership.

The to-do list for this project is pretty impressive. Baseball and softball fields are to be given an upgrade, as well as soccer, lacrosse, and even cricket fields. The basketball and tennis courts will also be given some much needed love. Additionally, there will be improvements made to playground equipment and sidewalks.

The company that has been organizing league games on the island for the last five years, Come Play Detroit, will be in charge of the repairs.

If you would like to sign up to help clean up the park in preparation for the season, the Annual Belle isle Park Clean-up is being held this Saturday (April, 25) morning. Click here to learn more and sign up.

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