It’s official. Steven Colbert can host anything and make it awesome.  Of all the places in the world Steven Colbert chose to interview Eminem in Monroe Michigan, you just can’t make this stuff up.   Mpact, regularly hosted by former Miss America winner , Kaye Lani Rae Rafko and Michelle Bowman was taken over by the man that will succeed David Lettermen as the host of “The Late Show”.

The absurd interview lasted a whopping 40 minutes consisting of Colbert teaching us a bit about this history of Monroe, the birthplace of the LaZBoy, the introduction of “Jimmy Monroe’s Hard Tack Biscuit, and comically pretending to not knowing who “Marshall Mathers” aka Eminem was. Colbert spent much of the interview goading  Eminem to sing popular Bob Segar tunes. Colbert offered Marshall career advice assuring him that the music industry may not pay the bills and to perhaps pick up a trade such as carpentry.  Eminem awkwardly replies, “Carpentry sounds like it could be good.”.

Lance Sottile, the program director of Mpact, spoke on Wednesday about Mr. Colbert’s surprise visit to “Only in Monroe.” In these excerpts from that conversation, Mr. Sottile talked about how this show – unusual, even by public-access standards – was put together.

This video, aside from putting the small town of Monroe Michigan (population 20,000) on the map, provided to be a great PR move that went viral.  The entire interview was laced with Colbert’s sharp witticism and Eminem’s aloof comments.  This video is incredibly enjoyable and provides some great laughs.

We are looking forward to more of Mr. Colbert’s antics until his career on the late show ensues.