“Art + Lifestyle + Food + Experience + Sound + Scent”

Eastern Market is the new home of a one-of-a-kind retail experience. Newly opened DetroitWick offers customers a unique shopping excursion including on-site production of limited edition products and a thing owners Annie Leblanc and Doug Schwartz like to call “scent branding”.

“Our focus is based on uniquely joining company and customer through the most powerful of the five senses – smell. What we call Scent Branding: A collective approach with the like-minded brands expressed through scent, color, and imprint.”

ShredsIn addition to great smelling candles and other home-grown products, DetroitWick is also the exclusive manufacturer and carrier of SHREDS, a product that encases pieces of guns that have been voluntarily turned in through buy-back or amnesty programs or seized at crime scenes across the country in solid lucite. Lucite is a clear, solid substance that turns everyday items into beautiful statement pieces. Additionally, 20% of the proceeds from these products go towards the Caliber Foundations. The Foundation helps “victims, families, and communities that have been devastated by illegal gun violence.”

If helping out worthy causes and treating your senses isn’t enough, DetroitWick will also be used as an event space. Soon, visitors will be able to attend gallery-type events that will allow young artists to “curate, show, and sell.”

“Our goal is to create a distinct encounter that involves all five senses when you walk through the door.”

detroitwick candlesOpen Tuesday through Friday from 10am to 5 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 9 am until 5 pm, DetroitWick’s 2,000 square foot new home boasts products ranging from a $10 mosquito candle, to the more expensive SHREDS products that work great as bookends, paperweights, or a fantastic statement piece.

To find out more about DetroitWick and what they’re all about, hit up their website here. To browse their substantial list of products, you can check out their online shop here.