It makes perfect sense that a sports town like Detroit would attract one of the world’s most popular athletic brands. Adidas announced Thursday that they were looking to open an automated factory in Detroit by 2017.

While there are no firm details about Adidas coming here, such as which location the company would choose, or how many Detroiters it hopes to employ, the message was clear – Detroit is looking pretty good to them. In a statement given by the company, Adidas executive board member Eric Liedtke was quoted saying:

We can bring manufacturing back to Detroit, and that’s where we want to be in 2017… It’s all a part of speeding the future. We call it ‘speed factories’; because ultimately, if we get this thing right, we can put it in Detroit.”

Adidas’ plan is to open one of these ‘speed factories’ in the company’s native Germany and use it as a blueprint for the facility they hope to open in the Detroit area. The factory is rumored to be “highly automated, nimble, and almost portable,” according to the Detroit Free Press.

This news comes just days before the University of Michigan was severing ties with Adidas in favor of their rival, Nike.

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