The zoo in the middle of Belle Isle was opened in 1910. For the next 46 years it housed everything from elephants to lions. The elevated walk ways ringing the facility must of provided an amazing vantage point to look upon the exotic creatures. It was in 1956 when the Belle Isle space was switched to a children’s zoo, and the main zoological focus in Detroit was moved to it’s current home in Royal Oak.

Over the years the zoo took on few more permutations like 1980’s ‘Safariland” and then 22 years later, under the administration of then mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick, the zoo shuttered its doors in 2002. What remains is a somewhat haunting relic, and a showcase for nature’s inevitable return to dominance on the landscape

This video by  TheGadgetGuy1 lends a great perspective of the abandoned zoo. Enjoy.

Photo © Stephanie Hume

Photo © Stephanie Hume