A man’s hand may be all you need to find out how nice he is toward women. Researchers from McGill University found a link between a baby boy’s exposure to hormones in the womb, their hand development, and their behavior toward women as adults. They published their findings in the journal Personality and Individual Differences.

Bullshit! A man’s hands define how nice he is when he reaches in to grab his billfold and his fingers count out the required greenbacks or the platinum cards in which to pick up the tab.

These studies piss me off. What ever happened to chivalry? Remember those days where a man opened doors for women? When a woman knew if she was asked out and the bill was delivered, he picked up that little leather folder and announced, “This is on me.”

At what point in our societal development did we decide to waste money on studying hands in the womb, as a determination for chivalry, or what used be commonly referred to as being a gentleman. The length of a man’s fingers? Come on.  Are we gonna start dropping trousers and study if bigger is better? Forget about it.

So you see what the problem is here? Do you think you’re gonna get lucky because you invited him or her to some incredible restaurant and then suggest you split the bill? Jesus. I hope not.

I get that equality bullshit, yes guys, face it, and there are as many talented women as men. Women today have the ability to surpass the physical prowess of any man. I say that unless she asked you out, then you are gonna open that wallet and fork over the cash! Don’t ask if your date will pick up the tip. Don’t look at the tab and roll your eyes. Show some class, savoir faire if you will.

So now, for those of you who are either financially tight, or financially “cheap,” or just don’t have the Canadian Loonie’s to pay for a date besides a movie and popcorn, (boring), here are five ideas to impress a date in the “D” for around the cost of a Grant. Ulysses that is!

Note: Sometimes creating a memorable date takes effort besides accessing your mobile apps for movie times and tickets here! Just think how impressive you will be when they actually think you took the time to pick out a cool place. Dates are supposed to be fun.

Here are few suggestions, for an interesting time, that won’t crush your bank account.

Every first Saturday, at 2 p.m. Atwater Brewery hosts a brew tour for $10 each. Contact Chelsea at 313-877-9205.

Chelsea will let you know of tour availability. On weekends there is FREE parking. Pints are $4 – $5 apiece. You are allowed to bring in food to enjoy in their tasting room. So think about it. Stop at Supino’s in Eastern Market  pick up a $12 pizza, enjoy the tour and indulge in a few pints of Atwater’s finest!

$20 for the tour, $15 for pizza and $16 – $20 for beer. You can grab a growler for the road.

It wasn’t that long ago, when Belle Isle was absolutely free and you could imbibe as well. Alcohol is currently allowed only by permit, but that is currently being reviewed. However, entrance to the Island is $11; which buys you a year round pass to any state park in Michigan so consider the “opportunity cost” of park stickers. Great place to take a date. The aquarium, Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory, Sunset Point, and all of the space to roam is perfect to have fun with someone. We here in the Detroit area gotta remember we have a city park that is bigger than New York’s Central Park.

So stop in at Chick Pea in the D or Russell Street Deli, pick up some sandwiches, some hummus, and enjoy the Aquarium or the Conservatory on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Looking at $25 dollars for lunch and the best park in southeast Michigan.

Cadieux CaféAll we can say is this is one of the best spots for a date in Detroit. If you want to show someone a good time, and some unreal Motor City history, this is it. Amazing Belgian beer list, mussels, and feather bowling.

Dessert is always a great way to end a time out. A good move is to find somewhere delicious low key, and not the place you started. Astoria Pastry Shop, right in Greektown is one of the best bets.

Just a casual reminder that you can have some fun in Detroit, that isn’t in an expensive restaurant with a huge line. Fellas, you know what to do. Let’s bring some chivalry back to the D.