This time around we will be spared Chris O’Donnell’s antics in the role of Robin, the Caped Crusader’s partner in crime will be played by Hunger Games: Catching Fire actress Jenna Malone. She has reportedly been filming scenes with Ben Affleck, who is playing Batman.

Jena Malone

The news was leaked to the NBC affiliate WILX-10 by an extra from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, who at great risk to themself, spilled the beans. Apparently the extra has signed a non-disclosure agreement and could face a fine of $5 million dollars. Whomever it is, better hope for lucrative career in Hollywood if that is the case.

The movie is already full of comic book characters. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor will all be playing big roles. For anyone that is fan of the Frank Miller comic The Dark Knight Returns, you may remember that Batman’s sidekick is a woman named Carrie Kelley. In Miller’s epic graphic novel, Kelley has a serious affinity for The Dark Knight, and after she saves him from some bad guys, she earns the aging vigilante’s trust and becomes the new Robin. Also if you read The Dark Knight you will have an understanding of how Batman, a human, can compete with the extraterrestrial powerhouse that is Superman.

Zak Snyder’s version of Batman is reportedly largely based on Miller’s graphic novel. So it comes as no surprise that Robin, will in fact be played by a woman.