If you know yourself and you know that you have very little self-control when it comes to chocolate-y goodness*, I suggest you stop reading this article.

Chocolate can be many things: it’s comfort when you’re having a tough day, it’s a snack during a movie, and basically an addiction lifeline for anyone with a pulse. Mostly, it’s just delicious. Alexandra Clark is opening a second location of her Hamtramck chocoholic dream store Bon Bon Bon right in Downtown Detroit and it couldn’t be tastier. Clark and her team clearly know their way around chocolate because I’ve died and went to heaven and I’m writing from the grave. Think of me fondly.

Bon Bon Bon 2Chocolate had always been a goal for Alexandra Clark. Since she was a child, she knew she wanted to sell it. After receiving her Master’s degree in agicultural economics, specifically focusing on chocolate, she worked all over the world doing what she loved. It wasn’t until she found local farmers with products that were great, but no one was buying that she finally felt the push to go into retail for herself. With several peers in the chocolate business encouraging her, Alex started Bon Bon Bon.

Opening soon on April 16th, Bon Bon Bon has taken up a second residence in the Chrysler House at 719 Griswold Street in Detroit. The downtown shop these delicious treats are sold out of is proportional to their size – but not their flavor. It’s a small boutique area right at the Fort Street entrance to the Chrysler House building, but they manage to do more with the space than what you’d expect. Each morsel is just a couple inches long and about half that in width, but don’t let their size deter you, they do more with two bites than some places can manage with a full dessert tray.

BonBonBon4I had the pleasure of trying some of their spring themed bons. Going for a theme myself, I went with the Bunny Butt bon and the Carrot Cake Bon. I died. Also making a well-deserved appearance at their store is the Detroit collection which will feature bons inspired by the new location such as the Boston Cooler, Bumpy, and Paczki. Clark assures me that “You definitely get the local feel when it’s the Detroit collection.”

With so many different unique and highly imaginative flavors to choose from, you’ll surely be able to find something to pique your interest. If the presentation doesn’t catch your eye, and it will, the interesting names of the bons will.

Clark and company keep their ingredients local which makes Bon Bon Bon’s impressive array of options that much more impressive. Born in Hamtramck, Bon Bon Bon of course has a paczki inspired bon which is described on their website as having a fried dough ganache, polish confiture (preserved or candied fruit), a sliver of paczki, and of course, donut sugar. Paying homage to nearby – and new home – Detroit, they offer up a Motown tribute with “the Temptation”; and it certainly sounds like a temptation with hilariously listed ingredients like “Sugar Chai Honey Crunch”. Other enticing-sounding options include Banana Pancakes, Tiramisu, Swimming Turtle, Sticky Bun, and PB & Jam. For the full list, you can visit their website here.

While Bon Bon Bon does have their own retail stores in Hamtramck and Detroit, these delectable indulgences can be found in other boutique retail stores in hotels in Chicago and New York, and most importantly, on the top shelf of Ann Arbor’s world-famous Zingerman’s Deli.

If you have a party coming up, Bon Bon Bon gives you the perfect excuse to ditch the boring cake and ice cream idea in favor of their reasonably priced gourmet chocolates. Bon Bon Bon caters everything from weddings to store events and beyond. Their packaging is cute, but very economical, so you know that you’re not paying for expensive boxing materials, your hard earned money is going straight into each carefully crafted work of delectable art. Every order, Good People Deserve Good Chocolatewhether in store or in bulk for catering purposes, is entirely customizable to fit your specific needs or, more importantly, wants.

So whatever chocolate-craving mood you’re in, Bon Bon Bon will definitely have a tasty treat to satiate your sweet
tooth and leave you with a smile. As the “babes babes babes” of Bon Bon Bon say, “Good people deserve good chocolate.”

* Me. I’m talking about me.