Think you know what Detroit sounds like?

The man famously known for the tech behind Guitar Hero, Tod Machover, an educator and music composer at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), wants to create a symphony composed of the sounds of Detroit.

He wants people to record what they believe Detroit sounds like. Anybody can participate, no matter how old you are or what type of sound you find. No kidding, it can be anything from your own music, the sound of construction, or anything else you believe instills the impression of Detroit.

The existence of this project is all thanks to a new collaboration between the Knight Foundation, Detroit Symphony Orchestra, and Machover himself. This isn’t Machover’s first project.

He has worked on four collaborative symphonies for Toronto, Edinburgh, Perth, and Lucerne.

The greatest excitement for us is that the project is coming to the United States for the first time ever and has chosen Detroit to be part of it.

“No city in the world has such an opportunity to study its proud past, to reflect on current possibilities and to boldly build a different future” says Tod Machover.

He has created this project all by himself, but it will not mean that much to him unless you help him out. This is a great and inspirational way to tell your story about the city within the symphony for everyone to hear.

For more information about Symphony in D or where to download the free app for uploading your sound, please CLICK HERE.

“I can’t tell you how excited I am to be starting on the Symphony in D project, which proposes to create a musical portrait of Detroit using both notes and noises, and created by me in collaboration with everyone in Detroit who wants to participate…and I hope that means you,” Tod Machover said.

Symphony in D will premiere November 20, 2015.