Who doesn’t love a good pair of shades. Personally, I can barely step outside without a pair of, and spend a lot time scrambling around my place looking for them. My girlfriend is particularly fond of me hollering out “have you seen my sunglasses.”

The one draw back about a good pair of shades is the seeming inevitability that they will meet an untimely demise underneath someones butt on a car seat, or smashed in a backpack, or worse yet, disappear in the clutches of an envious party.

A new approach to ensuring the safety of your new glasses is coming right out of Detroit. Charile V. Sunglasses is bringing a new design, a state-of-the-art folding technology that lends not only shelf life, but also a slick new style.

This design works for an athlete, a professional, or the fashion orientated individual searching for a new cool look.

Here is what separates Charlie V, they have created a pivoted system that allows the hinge to fold compactly. Imagine for a second folding up your sunglasses, the stems are protruding outward, begging for destruction right? This design removes that element. The stems now rest inverted, leaving them closer to the lenses, which will help prevent destruction. It also provides sleeker storage, your pocket wont look like your smuggling apples anymore. Oh, and they are made in Metro Detroit.

All of the materials are top of the line. The lenses are 2mm shatter resistant polycarbonate, meeting all standards for appropriate UV protection, and they are also polarized, which if you enjoy fishing, or other water sports, that is an added bonus.


They were invented by a guy from Michigan named Gerard Alcini, who was looking to blend style and functionality.

“Charlie V’s are designed with an uncompromising commitment to excellence. I saw a need for a luxury brand with supreme wearability. Our unique hinge makes these sunglasses unlike any others on the market and allows the wearer impeccable freedom,” said Alcini.

The name comes from his father “Charlie Victor Alcini.”

The brand launches with a Kickstarter Campaign on November 5, next week actually. Vis-a-vis a donation, supporters will have the chance to get their hands on the first pairs of Charlie V shades, and a slew of other incentives. All the money generated with be re-invested for manufacturing, research, development and promotion.

Soon you will be able to find their products online and specialty retailers.

For more information check out charliev.us

Starting on November 5, here is the link to the fundraising campaign www.kickstarter.com/charliev.