A few weeks ago, a friend of mine, and local writer Max de la Garza asked me to tag along as he was headed into Detroit’s west side to profile the up-and-coming rapper, Dex Osama.

After waiting near a park alive with children playing, Osama and another guy rolled up on us in a rented car. We were then asked to follow them. We made perfunctory introductions on a random street, then we followed along behind them to a house near Marygrove College.

After being invited inside, we hung out awkwardly while Max tried to ask questions of Osama, and his photographer Anastacia snapped photos. He was unassuming, docile, and almost child like. It was hard to match up his persona with the heavy, and violent nature of his lyrics.

The social temperature in the house cooled quickly, and it became obvious everyone around us thought we were with police. Slowly, and surely all the unlawful items were disappearing from view, and very tense vibe filled the air throughout the house.

Max was called outside and questioned about why he was there. Luckily he had profiled another rap crew recently for the same publication, and their manager vouched for his presence.

Even before we met up with Osama and his crew, we were making nervous jokes about how I looked like a undercover cop, with my thick beard, and dark sunglasses.

There was a promise made that he would meet up with us later, and we waited in a bar a few miles down the road, veiled in perplexity. We were eventually told by Osama’s manager that he decided he did not want to take part in Max’s piece.

Weeks later, we found out that Osama decided to be profiled again, and take part in a documentary on Detroit’s hip-hop street culture.

However dangerous someone like Dex Osama’s lifestyle may have been, it was saddening to hear that he had been killed at just 22-years-old.

From Maximilian de la Garza and Noisey

Dex Osama, the 26-year-old rapper ascending to become the next big thing from the Midwest after co-signs from both Meek Mill and DeJ Loaf, was killed in front of a Detroit strip club early Monday morning.

Detroit station WDIV reported that Osama was shot in the chest outside of the Crazy Horse, following an altercation over a woman. He ran to a nearby gas station, asked an attendant to call 911 and then collapsed. He was pronounced dead at Detroit Receiving Hospital.

A mutual friend of Dex’s named Ed confirmed over text message to me in the early morning hours that “Dex is gone. He was killed.”

Calls to Detroit Police, the Wayne County Medical Examiner, and Dex Osama’s manager were not immediately answered Monday morning.

News of the rapper’s death spread quickly via social media, including Meek Mill’s Instagram account. The Philadelphia rapper posted a solemn message, lamenting the ills of succumbing to street life:

Damn RIP YOUNGIN….. Had a lot of talks with you about getting out them streets and chasing ya dreams! I really believed in you and seen you putting on for Detroit! RIP @dex_osama for all my fellow young kings coming up tryna make it out, take ya time and think about where you want ya life to go! MAY GOD BLESS HIS SOUL! Never let them streets shatter ya dreams!!!

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