You can add the Corktown Inn to the list of places in Detroit getting revamped into an aesthetically pleasing hotel. The boutique hotel, soon to be known as Trumbull & Porter, will offer reasonably priced accommodations between $129 and $189.

The design team behind the complete overhaul is Patrick Thompson Design. Thompson tells his vision for the site:

“The goal is to create a beautiful, functioning space where locals and travelers want to be… There are so many improvements coming, it’s going to become a destination.”

The new hotel will also use some local businesses like Detroit Wood Type Co. to help furnish the rooms. A morning coffee shop turned evening lobby bar is also in the plans, as well as a restaurant and retail area.

He goes on to say that the plan is to collaborate with other businesses nearby “to be sure the hotel and its spaces reflect an honest version of Detroit and what it has to offer the world.”

TrumbullPorterroomThe Corktown Inn, which used to be a Holiday Inn until two decades ago, has a storied past with incidents of crime, panties in vending machines, and an actual dummy working “security” for the property. This complete renovation can really only be an improvement. We love the idea of a destination hotel in Corktown. There are so many great places to eat popping up around there it can only create a regional, and national draw.

Patrick Thompson Design intends to gut the building and begin debuting rooms as early as this fall.

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