Quicken Loans founder, Dan Gilbert has plans to add an iconic building to Detroit’s cityscape. Soon the former Hudson’s store site, located downtown, will be home to a state of the art multi-purpose structure. The ambitious and architecturally stunning conceptual images show a futuristic glass and ceramic design that would truly make an impact on Detroit’s architectural significance.

From the Detroit Free Press’ John Gallagher:

“The final project could create a new postcard image for the city that combined with the Ilitch family’s planned hockey arena and entertainment district on the north end of downtown would give the city a blockbuster pair of nationally significant architectural icons.”

The site has been empty for almost 20 years after the store was imploded in 1998. The designs that have been released are not final in any way; they merely serve as a stepping stone for New York-based architecture firm SHoP to work from. Rock Venture’s CEO says in the Free Press article:

“‘We’re at a stage where we’re trying to determine what we’re going to build there. … I can’t tell you exactly what we’re doing. We’re refining it, and we’re getting smarter. It will be retail. It will be mixed use.’

Whatever the final plans, if the preliminary designs are anything to go by, this building is sure to change the look of Detroit for the better.

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