Well ladies and gentleman, at long last they have arrived. Detroit Bikes, The Motor City’s latest leap into the future. For some the arrival of a sturdy, sleek and user-friendly commuter bike may not seem to be a the next step towards modernity, but in Detroit we do things a little bit different.

Take the Netherlands for example. A country home to such a cycling craze that they are currently trying to figure out how to overcome the issue of bicycle traffic jams. Every city is interlaced with an intricate network of bike paths, all the necessary infrastructure for repair, and a culture so in tune with two wheel motion that 59% of travel in cities is by bike.

Detroit, like the Netherlands, is flat and home to hundreds of miles of pavement. That is exactly what Detroit Bikes owner Zac Pashak has in mind when he created Detroit Bikes. A product that is not only affordable, but also durable.

This Friday, Detroit Bikes is rolling out its new A-Type commuter bicycle at the Old Miami, located on Cass Avenue right in the heart of the City. This will be the first in a series of similar events in the United States and Canada, featuring demonstrations and displays of the A-Type. There will also be free food and a performance by hometown heroes The Detroit Cobras. Party starts early at 5:00 pm until 9:00 pm for the general public.

The A-Type is their first concept. A minimalist ride with easy shifting three-speed internal gears, a super lightweight chromoly-steel frame to handle all that Motown can throw at it, and is finished with a matte-black finish.

What makes these bikes so unique is that they are hand assembled in the D. The A-Type is cut and welded from steel tubing and hand painted in it’s 50,000 square foot facility on Elmira Road. The clincher? The bike’s rear rack (think groceries, or a 12-pack of High Life) and chain guard is made on site.

“We have the capacity to produce 40,000 bikes a year. American bicycle Manufacturing hasn’t seen this type of mass production start-up in generations,” said the Zak Pashak, founder of Detroit Bikes.

So as you stroll down the Detroit River Walk and wish you were cruising by in style look no further than The Wheelhouse, the bike shop located on our waterfront. The A-Type will be available for the suggested retail price of $550. Included in that price is Detroit Bikes idea of a smooth, simple, urban bike that’s manufactured in Detroit. The auto industry helped build Detroit, let’s all do our part in making sure the bike industry helps bring it back.

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