Detroit has been, and will always be better by bike in my mind. This city begs to have rubber put to the road, and the pedals cranked. There is so much to see, and so much wide open, relatively car-less road to do it on. This website started on a bike seat. A couple of people tearing around Detroit who decided that this city needed to be celebrated and talked about.

Detroit Bikes is a company that embodies the spirit of Detroit. The same spirit that put Detroit on the map, and the same spirit that is helping the city regains its standing among the great cities of the world. They build all the bikes here, and their designs are as tough, and practical as Detroit herself.

They are introducing a new design and we are stoked to let you know about it. The C-Type will be hitting the streets soon. Their Kickstarter starts on Sunday and there will be limited edition bikes on top of some other cool stuff. Once that ends the bike will be available in Red and Slate.

Link to their Kickstarter Video.

Here is what the C-Type is packing: A built in Detroit 4130 Chromoly Steel frame, lifetime warranty, single speed, or fixed gear, stainless steel spokes & alloy rims, front and rear brake calipers, knobby tires, vintage style saddle, drop handles, Sturmey Archer crankset, and all the tender loving care that a bike could want. This is recipe for tackling all the things Detroit can throw at you.

Just because it is getting cold, doesn’t mean its time to shelve that bike. Detroit is ride-able all year, except for those snow storms. See you on the streets.