This is going to sound like a rant, but Detroit needs this. Too long have we had to choose between Comcast and Direct TV. Too long have we had to pay bullshit prices for bad service from these major net providers.

I introduce LightSpeed. A company out of East Lansing that is trying to bring a fiber optic network to Downtown Detroit. This means 1 Gig speeds for you and your internet surfing pleasures.

“Why Michigan?
We love Michigan. And we love the Internet. We want to do our part to make living and working in Michigan the best it can be. We were watching with envy as Google rolled out its 1 Gig Internet connections elsewhere until we decided to take the matter into our own hands and bring it to Michigan ourselves.”

current network

The network has already been placed in Lansing and going to be soon available in Southfield, MI. But it looks like they’re going to need a little convincing to bring it down here.

“When will service be installed?
We are prioritizing installation to buildings/neighborhoods based on the level of interest received through our website. If you are interested, please register your address at If your building is already connected, service is usually available within a few days.”

Go on the internet provider site, Register your address, and lets get some high speed internet. The more people that register in an area, the sooner they will get it placed.

Here is their facebook page for additional information: