Everyone can agree that children are our future and one Detroit-area lawyer is getting national recognition for his efforts to help out the community’s young. Mike Morse is on a worthy mission: to get a backpack stuffed full of school supplies in the hands of every young student in need. On September 9, Morse’s law firm donated over $250,000 worth of school supplies and backpacks.

Partnering with the non-profit Kids in Need Foundation, Morse’s law firm helped stuff 23,000 backpacks. Each of the bags were chock-full of any supplies a young student could possibly hope for. The kids were surprised with everything from pencils and erasers, to markers and notebooks.

“We definitely have kids who come to school without backpacks,” Principle of Edison Elementary Marcus Davenport explains. “…So when you have a gentleman like Mike Morse who donated 23,000 backpacks, I mean, that’s just phenomenal.”

But as Morse explains, there is more to the donation than simple supplies.

“I think it teaches [the kids] that there are people out there in the community that care about them… [that] want them to succeed, that want them to win at life.”

Earlier this year, Morse donated 400 stuffed backpacks to a school back in May as something of an experiment before realizing exactly how big a need there was for such a program. Many students were coming to school with nothing and had to use hand-me-downs and leftover supplies to complete their work. It also isn’t an uncommon occurrence for teachers to go out and spend their own money on the school supplies needed for their students.

Principle Davenport said the impact was immediate.

“This is a life-changing event for some of my students… Students came up to me and said, ‘this is the greatest school’ and ‘I love this school!’ and I said, ‘This is just day two, it’s only get better from here!’”

To help out with next year’s giveaway, go to www.855MikeWins.com and head to the backpack page.