Food is one of those universal things. Everybody has an opinion on what they like and don’t like because everybody has to eat. So why not eat in one of Zagat’s “America’s Next Hot Food Cities”? If Hell Yeah Detroit is your Guide to Being a Better Detroiter, Zagat is your guide to being a better foodie. The famous guide just released their top 10 “America’s Next Hot Food Cities” and Detroit landed third on their list.

While Detroit’s reputation is still trying to improve, the blossoming food industry here is certainly helping. One of the main reasons Zagat ranked our city so high on the list is the flourishing pop-up scene, calling it “an incubator for some of the hottest chef talent.” The publication calls these impromptu spaces a “training ground” where chefs can run tests on their menus to see what works and what doesn’t so that they’re ready with stellar cuisine and a dedicated fan base when they open a brick-and-mortar restaurant.

Zagat also says about the city, “Detroit’s burgeoning culinary scene, fueled by a ballsy, DIY attitude, is ready to hold its own in the national arena.”

Corktown is recognized as a foodie hot spot with favorites Mercury Burger Bar, Gold Cash Gold, Ottava Via and several other restaurants. Cass Corridor and the Riverfront are also listed as areas that draw the hungry masses from the suburbs to the city in search of a delectable meal. Selden Standard in Midtown has been voted best new restaurant, as well collecting other accolades.

It’s about time Detroit got some recognition for its fine – and even sometimes dive-y – food. Check out the video above for more places to check out the next time you’re feeling taste-adventurous.

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