One lucky Dearborn resident is proving that you don’t have to be an A-list celebrity to make a difference. All you need is good intentions and just a little bit of leverage over a popular carbonated beverage.

diana-husseinDiana Hussein, until recently, better known as @DietDrPepper on Twitter, decided against using her branded handle for her own selfish reasons and chose, instead, to help the still-suffering residents of Flint.

When approached for the handle and offered “swag”, the 29-year-old declined and instead requested that Dr Pepper donate 41,000 bottles of Deja Blue, the water brand owned by Dr Pepper’s parent company.

This isn’t the first case of a highly sought-after username meant a payday for and unsuspecting – okay maybe not unsuspecting – average Joe. Back in 2010, a Spaniard by the name of Israel Melendez was approached by, obviously, the State of Israel, and was paid handsomely for the rights to the name. Melendez was given six figures in exchange for @Israel.

DeJa-BlueAs Diana has said about her unique situation, “As long as you’re bold, there is a way to make things happen if you are given those opportunities.”

So, owners of the Twitter handles @DietCoke, @SunnyD, or @RedMtnDew, time to help the world!

Diana can now be followed on Twitter under her new handle, @HeyaDiana.

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