Detroit for a time was seemingly bereft of food trucks. If you visited another city, lets say Washington D.C. you would see dozens of food trucks as you wandered through the city. For awhile food trucks were largely congregated in Eastern Market, and there were quite a few taco trucks in Southwest Detroit, but now there are a few more options to keep the aficionado busy.

Eater Detroit has put together a great list of food trucks in the metro area to check out, including Ann Arbor.

Below are links to all the delicious food trucks. For more detailed descriptions go to  Eater Detroit.

Norma G’s


Twisted Mitten

Hero or Villain

Concrete Cuisine

Detoit 75 Kitchen

Rogue Estate BBQ

Drifter Coffee

What Up Dough

The Mac Shack

The Ricewood

Shimmy Shack

Feature Image Credit. Michelle and Chris Gerard