On April 25th, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake erupted underneath a village called Barpak, in the Gorkha district, northwest of Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital city. Well over 6,000 people are reported killed, twice as many injured, countless people are missing, and there is no estimation of where these statistics will stop. There are deaths reported in India, China, and even Bangladesh. This earthquake literally rocked the Himalayas. 19 people were killed in an avalanche on Mt. Everest, marking April 25th, as the deadliest day in the mountain’s corpse littered past.



Many villages are extremely remote in Nepal. The devastation has left untold numbers of people cut off from assistance, and there is no way to know what state they are in. This is Nepal’s most crushing disaster since a similar quake in 1934. Geologists, seismologists and other scientists have been warning the region that a large earthquake was in the works, but Nepal remained largely unprepared for a catastrophe of this caliber.

The damage is hard to imagine and the relief effort has only just begun. Nepal is in need of a global effort to recover from this disaster. Here are few statistics to help put it in perspective.

$415 million needed for humanitarian relief

  • 3 million people in need of food aid
  • 130,000 houses destroyed
  • 24,000 people living in makeshift camps
  • 400,000 tents needed. Roughly 30,000 in circulation now.

That hardly does it justice, but this is where Detroit comes in. On May 7 & 8, a local non-profit, Detroit2Nepal Foundation, is partnering with special events company Over the Edge, to raise money for the relief effort. This is the first time Over the Edge has been to Detroit. May 7th is VIP day, and the 8th is for the general public.

D2N’s mission is to improve public health, health care and educational opportunities for children in remote Himalayan villages of Nepal and in the greater Detroit area. It was created by Beaumont Health System Surgical Oncologist Dr. Richard Keidan to fund health, education, and sanitation programs for children in Nepal and Detroit. This week’s event also benefits the Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program (DAPCEP).

“Dr. Keidan is eagerly waiting to go to Nepal and help, but right now, with so much chaos, it does not make sense. Since the day of the earthquake, 50% of all proceeds are now going to disaster relief, 25% to D2N, and 25% to DAPCEP,” Courtney Trumbull, from Hack into The Cause said.

What is more exciting than rappelling off a 25-story building to raise money for disaster relief and the over all health of those in need?

This is how Over the Edge works. D2N, alongside Bedrock Real Estate Services and Quicken Loans, invite individuals, or teams to raise a minimum of $1,000 to grab a spot on the rappelling lines. There is still time to participate. If you can’t raise $1,000 in a few days, that is ok. You have until June 8 to raise the funds. If you come up short, well you are on the hook, but its for a great cause, and there is always room to donate. Over the Edge has hosted over 500 events across the country.

“We look forward to bringing this exciting event to Detroit,” said Dr. Richard Keidan, “We are also honored to be working in partnership with Quicken Loans and Bedrock to create an unforgettable experience in support of these great causes.”



This is something to consider for next year, if you are brave, and looking to help kids here in Detroit and Nepal. The 25-story Albert Kahn-designed First National Building is providing the height, and the breathtaking views of the city on Thursday and Friday. Don’t worry, when you decide to do this next year (or in a few days), no previous rappelling experience is required, and there are highly trained experts on deck to provide you with all the requisite guidance and instructions. Basically, there is no excuse.

“This is by far one of the most exciting and unique uses for one of our properties that we’ve ever seen,” said Jim Ketai, CEO and Managing Partner with Bedrock Real Estate Services. “The top fundraisers who get to rappel off of the beautiful First National Building are in for an unforgettable experience. We’re proud to be part of this event supporting two great causes.”

Its not just rappelling. Anyone can come and get in on the action. It is a two day event featuring entertainment and a host of vendors. This is a great event, and one that can use everyone’s help. There are millions of people in Nepal right now that need help, and keep in mind this foundation also helps kids here in Detroit.


Here is a link for D2N, it has further information on how to help out.

Over the Edge