My first thought when I heard about this was, “Well, this seems safe…”

First, there was the brew and bike tour, now there is the peddle pub. This past Wednesday, Governor Rick Snyder signed a bill into law that will allow everyday drinkers the ability to drink beer and wine on mobile “Pedal Pubs.”

Senator Wayne Schmidt from Traverse City ushered this bill to a vote. He had this to say about the opportunities it offers:

“This is another way for people to enjoy Pure Michigan… These type of Pedal Pub businesses continue to pop up across our state, and it’s great that communities are embracing them. This is another piece in our tourism puzzle.”

This is where my initial fear that a drunken Pedal Pub will just topple over in the middle of a street subsided: while all of the “patrons” will help to propel the craft forward Fred Flintstone-style, the operator or “driver” of the mobile party will be sober.

Many of the Pedal Pub tours offered are roughly two to three hours and include stops at bars and restaurants (to refill, I’m assuming). Patrons also can’t bring hard liquor; the new law only allows for beer and wine.

Some pedal businesses are balking at the looser restrictions, however. For many, their liability insurance would fly through the roof; business relationships with the stationary bars might be damaged.

Owner of Sunrise Pedal Trolley, Ashley Anderson sees this as a great addition to her already growing business.

“You don’t have to drink to ride on this bike. We’re still all about families riding, taking city tours, and having fun. This is a bonus for my business – I’m excited I’m going to have this opportunity because it is the number one thing people ask me about.”

Guess it’s time find one of these bad boys and start pedaling, huh?

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