It is no secret that Detroit has had its ups and downs while trying to rebuild its economy. The city has been through so much hardship, but it is finally time to take a quick second, and appreciate how beautiful Detroit really is. Michigan Green Leaders are starting to take the necessary steps to make sure Detroit will bloom into a healthier and cleaner city.

There are numerous green initiatives happening in the city right now.

The MI rail project, which is still under construction, is one of the more obvious efforts. Its mission is not only to reduce air pollution, but to create reliable transit to connect people to bigger opportunities, as well as help people enjoy more of the city. This will be done right in the heart of Detroit and by doing so, it will definitely help move the city in a greener, more modern direction. Most importantly, the transit system will provide an artery for the further growth of small business along Woodward.

The Detroit RiverWalk continues to expand beyond its current three miles along the riverfront. Eventually our riverfront recreation area will stretch from Belle Isle to the Ambassador Bridge. There are even new repair stations for cyclists. What better way to repair your bike then while on the go. The Detroit RiverWalk is shaping up to be a world class green space.

Although it has been off to a slow start, Michigan’s Southeast Regional Transit Authority is continuing to work towards a more expansive and efficient transit system. As Detroit grows, and reestablishes itself in the 21st century economy, it will need a more effective system for people to get to and from work, and travel throughout the region.

“A truly green city is one that gets greener because of economic development, not in spite of it,” President of the Greening of Detroit, Rebecca Salminen said.

The Greening of Detroit is a nonprofit organization that has planted nearly 85,000 trees in Detroit within the last 25 years. Their mission is create sustainable growth through community outreach, planting trees, green spaces, food, education and job opportunities. 

With the onset of Spring, The Greening has set sail its 25th season of planting trees. This year, it hopes to plant another 4,000 trees in the city.

The Hantz Woodlands project is planning on its second annual planting day on May 9th, at 10 a.m… 5,000 trees are expected to be planted on a collection of lots off the east side of Mack Avenue by city volunteers.

The Detroit Land Bank Authority, The Detroit Blight Authority, and other agencies are working to reduce blight, and remove trash from vacant lots.

The efforts of urban farming is helping to introduce healthier food into the city, and with the expanding riverfront and other parks, you can say hello to a healthier you, by exercising outdoors.

A city that is passionate about its environment, is passionate about its future. A greener Detroit can become a city that once again leads the way for the nation.

“A city cannot be a successful city without a strong economy, without strong neighborhoods, and without a diverse, productive population with opportunities to improve their lives. The last, after all, was — and should still be — the traditional promise of the city.”  – Alan Mallach

These are only a few examples. Here is more on the 2015 Detroit Free Press Green Leaders.