Electro-Soul. Dub-step. Jazz. Trip-hop. Funk.

It’s hard to pinpoint one way to categorize the local Detroit electronic artist known as GRiZ, because there are so many influences you can discern from his music. The best description I’ve come across was GRiZ’s own title for it: Future Funk.


It’s even harder to believe that he’s only 24. Imagine my surprise when I realized GRiZ was younger then I was, but spinning tunes with musical styles decades older then either of us. That’s impressive.

GRiZ navigated his way into the Detroit music scene back in 2011 with his debut album End of the World Party.With musical influences spreading across genres from Miles Davis to funk-soul spirit James Brown to headlining for Bassnectar, it’s safe to say that GRiZ has a unique way of weaving together old and new into each of his songs. His latest venture, Say It Loud, just released March 31st. He explains the album best:

“Say It Loud is an album that took me all around the United States recording sounds from funk jam sessions to children’s choirs, trumpet solos in the forest to saxophone lines in the boiler room of my house – it is an album for everyone. This music is meant to be experienced, danced to, sang along with, felt… that’s what it’s all about.” 

One of my favorite things I’ve come across about this local artist is that he is a supporter of bringing music to the masses. His entire discography is available for free on his website, either by download or streaming. Head over to GRiZ’s website or check out the song below from his new album for a brief preview and listen to his beats right funking now. You’ll be glad you did.

If you’re itching for a more memorable experience listening to his music, GRiZ will also be at Movement Electronic Music Festival  in Detroit this May.