It’s Paczki Day!

The hell with diets. Damned be the calories. Today is a day to celebrate. The Founding Fathers had no clue. The paczki didn’t come here on The Nina, The Pinta, or the Santa Maria. Today was the day every Polish family tore off the tissue paper of the traditional delectable delight (Pronounced POOONCHKEE for the unitiated).

You don’t have to be Polish to enjoy a paczki. In fact on a day like this? EVERYONE is Polish! In fact, you should have a T-Shirt that says, “Kiss Me I am Polish,” or, “You bet your Dupa I am Polish,”  and with that, you would be rewarded with a shot of Wisniowka, (Polish vodka), or a huge paczki.

Tomorrow, according to Polish Catholic tradition begins a 40 day fast. No meat, no alcohol and certainly no paczki! Today? Let’s get this party started, one big push, this is the last hurrah before the fast.

Fat Tuesday is celebrated in many major cities across the US, just not like we do in Detroit! In Detroit, it’s a revolution!

You see, a paczki isn’t “just” a jelly doughnut. A paczki is 8 ounces of double yoked chewy dough, a 3000 calorie delight, filled with anything from fruits to crèmes and custards, then topped with an even glaze of powdered sugar or a glaze topping, adding to the utter gastronomic debauchery. Many claim to have invented the paczki, however, in Detroit, we own this decadent traditon.

There is a reason Claire Daines filmed “My Polish Wedding” here, or why a Polish Pope purposely planned a visit here.

Does that not give us poetic license to claim the greatest Polish food in the country? Ok, how about the Midwest? Besides Chicago, you would never be able to compare the immensity of Polish history in Detroit. So if you are in need of a sugared delight, one that I can guarantee will have you holding your belly in “elated fullness” and a desire for more. Make sure to visit some some of the local Detroit Polish bakeries, and get some authentic paczki.

Here are a couple of links to my local favorites. New Palace Bakery and West Warren Bakery.

There are plenty of places making paczki, but you would be well advised to ensure they are using TWO egg yolks for every pazcki, plus a generous amount of fillings to guarantee you won’t want to eat again….Well maybe, for 30 minutes, then you decide to order one more paczki for the road!

After all…it IS Fat Tuesday!

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