MG_2117Located in Corktown, Hostel Detroit has been going strong for 4 years, with over 3,500 guests passing through its doors. Founder, Emily Collins-Hamel has worked hard to teach the history of Detroit and what it is becoming to each of its visitors. Working as an ambassador to Detroit, Collins-Hamel wants people to leave the hostel educated and exposed to everything from Detroit’s unique history, architecture, art, and more.

“Each person that stays here serves as an ambassador for Detroit when they return home,” Collins-Hamel said. “The hostel helps put a human face on the story of Detroit.”

MG_2046Hostel Detroit will soon be adding in more programs, which include a partnership with the bike rental company, Wheelhouse Detroit, for this summer. They also offer “maps, ‘adventure-planning’, self-guided explorations, and personalized tours led by local ambassadors.” Their ambassadors include proud Detroiters who love showing people around the city that can show off some of the hidden gems as well as educating hostel visitors about this great city.

Collins-Hamel, who not only is the president of the board as well as helping to raise funds for Hostel Detroit, also works at the Michigan Economic Development Corp. as a business attraction manager, where she promotes the state, helping to bring in tech companies. “Professionally I’m excited to be able to use my experience to determine new opportunities for my state — to find the niche, tell that story and bring business to Michigan.”

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