We all know Jägermeister. We all know that after a few shots, it has a tendency to lead to new and exciting life choices at three in the morning. We also know that it makes the party memorable. So, do you think you have what it takes to create a legendary party, worthy of the Jägermeister label?


Your new office

From now until the 30th of January, Detroit’s most creative individuals aged 21 and up are invited to apply to be a part of Jagermeister’s Concept56 team. If selected to the team of five people, they would be put to work for six months designing and producing “the event of a lifetime”. The lucky few will be salaried employees and work out of a pop-up office while receiving coaching from local professionals. Part of the job also includes once-a-week “inspiration sessions” lead by influential community members.

Detroit is the first city chosen for the project.

At the beginning of last month, Paramita Sound’s Andrey Douthard and local tastemaker Julian Spradlin started searching the city and its many communities for qualified applicants. In addition to the pair of local talents, Concept56’s team will also be working with “a select number of home-grown photographers” including the Detroit-based Justin Millhouse.

Spradlin commented on the search for their team:

“We’re looking for talented and creative individuals. Most importantly, we’re looking for those who will represent an authentic side of Detroit whether they have experience in an agency setting or not.”

The Concept56 “traineeship” team will become fully immersed in the creative industry and gain valuable hands-on experience. The five positions available are project manager, copywriter, graphic designer, marketer, and event manager. The positions require a three-day-a-week commitment beginning in February and any application is due January 30th.

This project promises to be an intense and invaluable six month journey, but at the end of it all… who wouldn’t want to play a role in a once-in-a-lifetime Detroit based Jäger party?


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