corktownmural_detroitwoodtypeboEarlier this year, Concept56 by Jägermeister announced plans to hire five local creatives to plan an experience of a lifetime in Detroit. After receiving more than 200 applications, Anna Posey, Peter Croce, Corey Cunningham, Cy Tulip and Tim Schumack were officially selected.

Originally launched in Amsterdam, Concept56 made its American debut in Detroit this year, operating out of West Village, on Detroit’s east side. The five participants, who have worked together since February, will be working together for a total of six months, putting together cultural showcases in Detroit.

“I don’t think there’s a limit for Detroit.” says 24-year-old Concept56 Detroit Marketing Lead Tim Schumack, “We’re continuing to grow.”

As the Concept56 Detroit team continues planning for this summer’s gathering, they will host micro-events leading up to the date including a speaker series featuring prominent voices from Detroit’s creative scene.

Check out the video, directed by Detroit-based filmmaker Chris Hersey, to hear each creative discuss their position on the Concept56 Detroit team and their connection to the city.

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