18 projects run by non-profit groups will now have $1.6 million dollars to help improve Detroit. The Kresge Foundation has awarded grants to several projects in the city that have revitalization plans ready to go.

On that list is a HYD favorite. The Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program will be awarded one of the grants worth $100,000-$150,000. They plan to put the money to renovating an east-side building to serve as their new home.

Other projects receiving the larger, six-figure grants have as much promise as the Boxing Gym Youth Program. The empty St. Anthony Lithuanian Church will be transformed into a community center. Several empty lots that are too small for housing will be converted into tiny less than 50 foot wide parks and will be connected by a walkway. There are plans to make a green parking lot in the Grandmont Rosedale area. One of the grants will be used to upgrade a two-family flat into Detroit’s first LEED platinum certified home which will eventually not need to use city power. Burnside Farm and the University of Michigan plan to collaborate to renovate a vacant home into a prototype greenhouse.

In addition to the 11 larger grants, there are seven smaller projects being awarded grants of $20-25,000. These endeavors include a greenway, a dual use public plaza and artists market in Southwest Detroit, and a plan spanning three years to engage Detroit high school students in community service projects that work with the Detroit Future City plan.

All of the projects awarded funding are working hard to improve Detroit and her citizens. Over the next three years, the Kresge Foundation plans to give $5 million in grants to make that goal a reality.

To read the full list and find out more about these projects, you can go to The Kresge Foundation.