Camp Casey's Horsey House Calls (45)Camp Casey is a Detroit-based nonprofit horseback riding program for kids with cancer and their families. For over a decade, the women-run, grassroots charity has spread the healing power of horses to local kids who are sick, by cost-free programming that take their minds off of cancer and get their behinds in the saddle.

Camp Casey’s Horsey House Call program (one of the three free programs they offer to sick children) surprises kids with a knock on the door and a horse on the doorstep. The kids of the household, along with their friends, get to groom, ride, make craft projects, enjoy a pizza party and more all at the convenience of home.

“Camp Casey brings therapy right to the doors at absolutely no cost. We bring an afternoon of bonding, empowerment, and connection for a family, children, friends, and neighbors,” says Molly Reeser, who founded Camp Casey in 2004 while attending Michigan State University.

IMG_1155Camp Casey knocks on 25 doors each season in Southeast Michigan but wants to knock on more. With only one truck, one trailer and one set of supplies, they’ve been limited to one location.

We are going to change that.

Visit their crowd funding page to help Camp Casey purchase an additional truck and trailer to expand Horsey House Calls to West Michigan. You can be a part of bringing Horsey House Calls to kids receiving treatment at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.

“We are excited to replicate Horsey House Calls in West Michigan first, and hope it’s the start to bringing Horsey House Calls everywhere,” Reeser says.

siblingsCamp Casey’s roots will always be in Detroit. Let’s be a part of spreading their branches to other parts of Michigan and beyond.

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