Kuzzo's Chicken and Waffles
4.5Overall Score
Bloody Marys / Mimosas

I finally put my curiosity about fried chicken as a breakfast option to rest last weekend when I finally visited Kuzzo’s Chicken and Waffles on Livernois Ave. aka The Avenue of Fashion in Detroit. I had driven by this spot and noticed the line outside a couple of times, but honestly could not wrap my mind around Fried Chicken with Waffles and Syrup despite my love for all of them as individuals.

Kuzzos-Sign-A little context, I use to be obsessed with a spot called Beans and Cornbread, which at this period in time was in Detroit. They are now located on Northwestern Highway in Southfield and are just as delicious but they are the reason for my deep appreciation and sporadic need for Soul Food.

Now for clarification, Kuzzo’s is pronounced cuz-oh. Which is defined, as stated on their exposed brick wall, as a term of endearment for one who is friend or family member, a person of a kindred culture, race or Nation. I would say, think cousin but cuz-oh. As I sat down, and looked around, I noticed that that theme was present in all aspects of the establishment. From the typically louder then most restaurant music, ranging from Brandy to classic Motown favorites, the smiles on the faces of patrons as they conversed with their dining companions created a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

For booze, I ordered a Mimosa. Which was good, but in all honesty the serving was small and cost more then I personally would typically pay for 8 ounces of fluid at $10. My only suggestion would be offer a three for $12 option, unless of course it was Vueve Clicquot in which case I would suggest they use cheaper champagne and charge less.

Let’s get to the good stuff. I ordered The First Lady, which is a Chicken breast and waffle; I also added a Chicken wing and side of Collard greens. After I placed my order, I was watching the other tables enthusiastically receive their food and started to get super stoked.

FoodKuzzoThen, The First Lady accompanied by her wingman and reliable crew of collard greens appeared and it was game time. The chicken was unreal, perfectly seasoned and tender literally leaving me picking at every last piece on the bone and licking my fingers. Throughout my meal, because I still wasn’t sold on chicken with syrup, I kept my food for the most part separate but every once in a while I would get some syrup on my chicken and be pleasantly surprised. The collard greens were cooked to perfection and the waffle was just thick and fluffy enough to delight. The only thing I would’ve done differently, was order more food. Not even kidding, I could’ve gotten involved in another chicken breast or waffle.

Based on this brunch experience, I would give Kuzzo’s Chicken and Waffles four and a half out of five Chicken Breasts. Check them out! I assure you that if you have an appreciation for Soul Food, you will not be disappointed.