Union Street
4.0Overall Score
Bloody Marys / Mimosas

If you think long and hard, chances are that everybody can think of that one best friend from growing up that you could always count on. They are dependable, fun and consistent. Those are the three words that I would say best describe brunch at Union Street in Detroit.

This past Sunday some friends and I were on our way down to the Tigers game, and thanks too me, we were running late and needed a spot that was going to be good, quick and capable of providing pregame bottomless Mimosas. The only place worthy and capable of the aforementioned attributes was in fact, Union Street. 

I have yet to have a bad experience at this Art Deco Eatery and Detroit Legend in Midtown. The front windows provide just enough light that prevent you from feeling like a total alcoholic when departing with a little day buzz. The ambiance is old school union mafia type décor. No joke, I imagine that there was some legit boss like automotive workers hanging out here after work way back when, during Detroit’s first heyday (FYI: the second heyday is upon us). I usually find myself enjoying brunch at the bar, which seems to always be tended by a super friendly bar keep. During this visit due to M-1 Rail construction the patio that was not open during although they typically offer outside seating when the weather is right.

This week my meal decision was between the Crabby Bennie and the Southern Praline Pancakes. Now, I’ll be honest with you…I typically eat fairly healthy and tend to enjoy savory brunch options over sweet. So the only real reason I considered the Southern Praline Pancakes was to tell you about them and take a picture. Unfortunately, due to my self-inflicted time constraint and the need to fill my stomach, I chose the Crabby Benny, which always suits my needs. 

If you decide to make the same decision when you visit Union Street, you’ll receive a hearty portion of house made crab cakes which are cooked just right, coupled with a decent helping of al dente spinach and poached eggs covered in a fairly heavy hollandaise sauce, served on top of a larger then average toasted English muffin.

It makes for the perfect pre-Tigers afternoon game meal; big enough to temporarily fill your stomach, yet light enough to keep space for those million dollar beers at the ballpark. My suggestion is to partake in the $12 Bottomless Mimosas or Detroit’s Biggest Bloody Mary Bar to offset the price of drinks at the game.

The Bloody Mary bar alone is worth a visit to Union Street.

Based on this brunch experience and the many I’ve had previously, I definitely suggest Union Street for your next Detroit Brunch outing. I give Union Street four out of five bottomless mimosas. 

Parking: $3 with meal receipt