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Bloody Marys

For those of you that didn’t know, this past Sunday was the 49th Annual Flower Day at the Historic Eastern Market in Detroit. I had embarrassingly never been to this popular Detroit event so I figured it would be a good time to check it out and use the opportunity to hit up Vivio’s for Brunch. I’ve heard about their award winning Bloody Mary through the grapevine and figured I’d give it a go.

I knew Flower Day was a big deal, I had been hearing about it for a little while and also knew some people over at the Annual Division Street Flower Day Block Party, #CoOwnaz, so I knew it was going to be a good time.

In preparation I called Vivio’s which is family owned since 1967, earlier in the week to get some insider information from the hostess and I was told: limited Brunch menu, they do not take reservations but you can leave your name go walk around and they’ll let you know when you’re up for a table and it was going to be guaranteed mayhem.

As anyone who regularly Brunches, and for those of you who wish to begin this weekly ritual, Brunch is classified as a perfect mix of options between Breakfast, Lunch and Booze and it’s not Brunch without Booze*. With that being said, I’m going to elaborate on the rookie mistakes my friends and I made so that next year if you decide to take on this same challenge, you can do so informed.

Rookie mistake number one: driving three different cars down to Eastern Market. I’d recommend, if schedules permit, taking one car and be prepared for a little walk. If you are planning on buying flowers, take or rent a wagon.

Rookie mistake number two: not asking what “limited” Brunch menu means. We had a two-hour wait, which we didn’t know that at a quarter to noon, would leave us outside of the actual limited brunch time slot. Which would have been a buzz kill had we had buzzes.

Despite those two serious blunders, by the time we sat down my stomach was eating itself, I was parched and fully committed to trying The Best Bloody Mary of 2014 as voted on by HOUR Detroit so I ordered one up immediately.

vivios-bloody-maryI ordered the Classic Bloody Mary (classic never goes out of style) despite the temptation of the Loaded Bloody Mary at a neighbor’s table, which looked ridiculous, and by that I mean amazing. To clarify, Bloody Mary’s are not typically my first choice at Brunch; I was turned on to them as an alternative when I lived out East. If you’re ever in Albany, NY check out McGeary’s Downtown and snag up one of their Bloody Mary’s, like Vivio’s, they do them right.

The Classic Bloody Mary is made with Vivio’s own Bloody Mary mix, peppercorn, jalapeños and dill pickle infused vodka (fancy). It is served with a pickle spear, lime and a beer chaser; I didn’t really know what to do with the shot of beer, so naturally I did it as a shot. The mix was smooth and refreshing on my palette, it wasn’t too spicy or overpowering, the consistency of the Bloody Mary mix was nice, not too thick which I think is where mixes can go wrong, depending on preferences of the consumer.

I would definitely recommend the Classic Bloody Mary but next time I will order the Loaded Bloody. It comes with thick cut ranch bacon, spicy asparagus spears, prosciutto stuffed olives and a nice little cube of provolone. Perhaps we’re discussing the future, Best Bloody Mary of 2015 – The Vivio’s Loaded Bloody Mary? I’d say it looks to be a contestant. And in case, you are curious about what I ordered to eat – I ordered the Triple Decker Club sandwich, which was delicious.

Based on this Brunch experience, which unintentionally did not include a breakfast option, I give Vivio’s Eastern Market four out of five Bloody Marys.

Price: $$

*Booze/Alcohol is always optional and we at Hell Yeah Detroit encourage responsible drinking. But for all intensive purposes Brunch is not Brunch without at least the option for an adult beverage. – Detroit, MI – Eastern Market – Albany, NY