Yemen St.
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Bloody Marys / Mimosas

Yemans St.

 2995 Yemans Street, Hamtramck, MI 48212


Yemans St. is what is up.

And yes, it is located on Yemans Street in Hamtramck. It resides in a little brick building, reminiscent of a re-purposed auto mechanic Shop. There is very little indication from the street as to the deliciousness that awaits you on the inside. The only distinction between them and their neighbors is a sandwich board sign that reads: Yemans St. Brunch 10-3. For your directional purposes Yemans St. is located across from Polish Village Cafe.

IMG_5464As you step through the front door you will most likely experience a feeling of wonder. The first thing you’ll notice is the absolutely beautiful Mid-Century real wood dining table that stretches the length of the entire main dining area, it is probably 25 feet long. You then notice that people are sitting in non-traditional seating pattern, a concept that we here in the United States are just starting to become familiar with called Community Seating. Yes, you have to find a spot near someone you may not already know. It really is quite the community-building concept. For those of you who suffer from slight social anxiety, no need to fret, the vibrancy of the space and art surrounding you will give you plenty to pay attention to.

Yemans St. has recently received some much-deserved local love for their unique use of rotating Chef’s, pop-up dinners and brunch menus.  This past Sunday was my second time checking them out. I was left just as satisfied as my first visit on New Years Day.
IMG_5463The menu was, as expected, different then the last time. For this particular Brunch, I chose the Beignets to start. Which are basically, bit-sized balls similar to Elephant Ears, coated in Sugar and Cinnamon accompanied by a strawberry dipping jam. The beignets, NO JOKE, melt in your mouth.

Something to dully note about Yemans St. is if you’re interested in enjoying a libation during Brunch, which as we all know is what differentiates Brunch from Breakfast or Lunch, you must Bring your own Booze. Admittedly at first this can seem like daunting task but in reality you are saving money and able to predetermine your drink preference. Yemans St. also provides glassware/flutes and you can purchase orange juice.

Not going to lie, I feel like my Brunch selection deserves a drum roll…Bacon-wrapped. Grilled. Cheese. I can honestly say that I could never have imagined I’d be indulging in such an amazing concoction. I don’t even know what else I can say besides it was everything that you could imagine and more. If you love bacon, like I do, you would have loved the Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese sandwich. It is served with a handful of tortilla chips, a side of salsa and a dill pickle slice. The preparation of this not so little delight includes being skillet cooked on both sides and then thrown in the oven to bake it up nice and right, which creates the tasty inner workings of gooey melted cheese. OH MY GOD I can’t, well actually I can and I did and you should too!

IMG_5468It is important to note that my Brunch guest ordered the Chilaquiles which consisted of tortillas, ranchero sauce, fresh salsa, lime crema, queso and sunny side up eggs. I regretfully did not try a bite but she assured me that like the Bacon-wrapped grilled cheese, the Chilaquilas are well worth the trip.

Based on this Brunch experience I give Chef Jeremy Kalmus and the whole crew at Yemans St. four and a half out of five “BYOB” Mimosas.

Libations: BYOB

Parking: There is availability in the Polish Village Cafe parking lot, as well spots on the street.

Yemans St. also is a Unique Space that is available for private parties. They have an extensive list of Executive Chefs that host full course pop-up Dinners. Check out their website below for more information.

Yemans St.