The Emory
3.0Overall Score
Bloody Marys / Mimosas

This week due to Memorial Day weekend festivities I had to venture out to Brunch on Saturday vs. Sunday and I had to keep it close to home. Admittedly this change-up caused me some difficulties in picking a spot. After the momentary confusion we ended up on the patio at The Emory in Ferndale.

I have been to The Emory before on various occasions, I do enjoy their patio and I have to say overall the vibe at this spot is a good one. They have a Bloody Mary bar where you can create your own concoctions. Mimosas are not bottomless but you can order a double, which I wasn’t sure was an actual double or two mimosas until I finished the double and had to go for a single, I know, what a struggle.

IMG_4818 (1)I was really hungry and have had a thing for breakfast sandwiches lately so I order the Fried Egg breakfast sandwich with hash browns and a side of bacon because lets be honest you can never really have too much bacon. I know that the fried egg breakfast sandwich is not necessarily a delicacy but I do think that like most things if done right it can be just as good, if not better. I was hoping that they would have the option of a bagel to slap the egg, cheese and bacon on but they didn’t so I settled on the toasted English muffin which when lightly toasted provided the perfect bookends to the classic deliciousness on the inside.

There was no indication on the menu about whether the ingredients or meat is sourced locally, which if that was the case, there may have been a missed marketing opportunity on their part. I have yet to be overly impressed with the Brunch eats at The Emory but they are definitely consistent and do a nice job. The overall ambiance of the establishment makes it a cool spot to check out for sure.

The patio is one of the nicer ones in Ferndale. It gets mid-day sun and has a lot of seating. We didn’t have to wait because we had gotten there a little earlier and possibly because it was Saturday not Sunday. I have a weird thing about eating cooked eggs in the sun on a patio, I have to eat them quickly or else for some reason they gross me out. Luckily I was hungry and that wasn’t an issue. The patio sits on the sidewalk right next to Woodward, which is both good and bad, it offers the ability to people watch, but it was a little noisy due to the traffic passing by. Perhaps the Emory would want to consider offsetting that noise with music to give some alternative noise options, and plus good tunes during brunch is an imperative.

The waitress was pleasant and patient with us as we got our lives in order and decided on our food. She also graciously took a picture of our crew despite us looking Friday night “aftermathed”. Despite my actual food experience not being mind-blowing, it is necessary to always remember, especially on such an important weekend like Memorial Day that it is not the physical or concocted surroundings that create the experience, it is the people you are sharing the experience with that are important and that in my opinion is the most pivotal aspect to Brunch.

Based on this Brunch experience at The Emory I give them three and a half mimosas out of five. With that being said, I encourage you to please try out all of the establishments I review for Hell Yeah Detroit and let us know your thoughts. We are here to help guide you not deter you.

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