If you haven’t heard, Flint is the depths of a serious water crisis.

Having been up there a few times in the last few months to speak with residents it is still difficult to wrap your mind around the concept of unusable tap water. As the disaster has gained national attention a lot of people of have been donating water to the city as it tries to figure out how to bring fresh water to its citizens.

Mark Wahlberg and Sean “Diddy” Combs are some of the recent celebrities that have vowed to donate large quantities of bottled water to Flint.

They are part owners of the Los Angeles-based bottled water company AQUAhydrate, and they are pledging 1 million bottles to the city, that are supposed to arrive tomorrow. They have have also said they will continue to help Flint until the water situation is solved.

Detroit stars Eminem, and Big Sean have also pledged to help Flint with support and donations.