For the second year in a row, a Metro-Detroit singer is a finalist on a hit singing competition show. Berkeley High School grad – from ten years ago – Joshua Davis ranked third in last night’s The Voice finale on NBC.

Now living in Traverse City, Davis was on Team Adam for Season Eight of the show wowing audiences week after week with performances he put his heart and soul into.

During his blind audition, Davis made it roughly six words into his rendition of “I Shall Be Released” before Blake and Adam slammed on their giant red buttons and turning their chairs around. The two judges battled it out bromantically, as they tend to do, before Davis ultimately chose Blake Shelton’s team.

However, it wasn’t just the show’s best buddies who had great things to say about the folk singer’s style. Pharrell told Davis about his performance, “I’ll just say real quick, because I know they’re going to go for it, tone, control, and character… A+, A+, A+.”

By the live finale, the Maroon 5 front man had stolen Joshua from Team Blake and he was singing a hauntingly beautiful version of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujiah” owning an empty stage without moving an inch from his place in front of the microphone.

The Voice’s top spot went to Team Pharrell’s young prodigy Sawyer Fredricks. While Detroit’s guy didn’t come out on top, there are huge things for the 37-year-old Davis just on the horizon. He will even be in town for the Fair Lane Folk Festival in Dearborn for the 100-year anniversary of Henry Ford and his wife Clara moving into their home. The show is August first and already has a great line up of other folk artists joining Davis.

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