From the upgraded location to an expanded two-day line-up, it seems 2015 is putting the mo into MoPop.  However, the logistical change is only a foreshadowing of what type of experience to anticipate.

With a whimsical hot air balloon hovering overhead, festival grounds at West Riverfront Park are slated to include a Food Truck Alley, Craft Bizaar, Biergarten with microbrews and specialty libations, and Tech Expo to peruse innovations by Detroit’s finest.

With all these extracurriculars, let’s not forget the real reason we are headed to MoPop in the first place: the music.  With solid headliners like Chromeo and Modest Mouse, it seems attendees can be sure to party away the weekend.  But what about the under-card?

Narrowing down the must-sees gets tricky given the solid stack of acts garnishing each day.  Alas, bathroom breaks and bevvy refills are inevitable, so make plans to plan around these five rock stars:


Ryley Walker, Saturday, July 25 at 1:40 p.m., Fender Premium Audio Stage

A true guitar talent and versatile instrumentalist, the real show is watching Walker’s fingers manipulate the strings.  His ability to fuse an array of sounds, from rock to folk to blues, is almost chameleonic.  Reminiscent of Van Morrison, it is obvious where he channels his inspiration.

For more information on MoPop or to see the rest of the lineup, visit:



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