A new mural will be done on One Campus Martius, adjacent to the 184-foot-by-60-foot mural done by Shepard Fairey last summer. The new mural will be done by New York artists and twins, Davide and Raoul Perre, who are also known as How and Nosm in the graffiti world.

The new mural, dubbed “Balancing Act”, will be done in the brothers’ signature red, black, and white style, and will be the same size as Fairey’s. Work will start in the next week and it should take between seven and nine days to complete.

Davide Perre told The Associated Press Saturday that they have done smaller projects in Detroit starting around 2002 or 2003.

Following the mural’s completion, the twins will have a show at the Library Street Collective. The show, called “In Between”, will run from April 23 through June 12, with the opening reception on April 23 from 7-9pm.

Bedrock has started a new Instagram account, @BedrockArtWorks and using #HowNosmDetroit to create awareness and buzz over the upcoming mural according to Natalie Gray, a spokeswoman for Bedrock Detroit.

One Campus Martius is owned by Bedrock Detroit and Meridian Health and is the headquarters for businessman Dan Gilbert’s Quicken Loans Inc.

You can see more of How and Nosm’s work here: http://www.howandnosm.com