Last year, a massive earthquake hit Nepal, killing over 8,000 people, and injuring more than 21,000. The same event, caused a gigantic avalanche on Mt. Everest, which took 21 people with it, making it the deadliest day in the notorious mountain’s history. The recovery efforts were immediate, but the damage was immense, and they continue now. When the trembling ceased, the earthquake registered a 7.8, and cost an estimated $10 billion in damages. Entire villages were removed from the landscape, and progress across the entire region has been dramatically effected.

Over the Edge & Detroit2Nepal Rapelling Event. Photos by Rusty Young / Hell Yeah Detroit www.hellyeahdetroit.comNepal is saddled directly in the world’s grandest mountain range, The Himalayas, which has made it difficult to assist the areas most effected by the catastrophe. You may be asking yourself what this has to do with Detroit? The connection is simple. One of the organizations that was first on the ground, helping the people in Nepal to rebuild after the quake was the Detroit2Nepal Foundation. They are a nonprofit company that raises money, and provides funds for education, and public health projects in both Nepal and Detroit.

This is where the fun begins. D2N (Detroit2Nepal) is hosting their Over the Edge event for the second year, right here, in downtown Detroit. You may remember seeing people dangling alongside the First National Building attached to ropes last year in May, and you may have wondered “how can I do that?”

They are back this year, Friday, May 6 and Saturday, May 7, and if you want it, the chance to rappel 341 feet from the top of a 25-story building in the heart of Detroit is a very reachable goal.

Here is the game plan: you can do it alone, or with a team, and you need to raise a minimum of $1,000 to nail down a spot on those ropes.

“We are excited to bring this event back to Detroit for the second straight year,” said Dr. Richard Keidan, Director of D2N. “We are honored to partner with the Quicken Loans family of companies to take this unique experience to a whole new level. Last year’s event raised more than $230,000. We look forward to exceeding that number in 2016.”

To sign-up or for more information visit,

All of the money raised will benefit American Promise Schools (APS), which supports education and scholarship programs here in Detroit, and Detroit2Nepal’s ongoing efforts to rebuild schools, and carry on other programs in the devastated region in Nepal.

Over the Edge & Detroit2Nepal Rapelling Event. Photos by Rusty Young / Hell Yeah Detroit www.hellyeahdetroit.comAPS has three charter schools in the City of Detroit: Jalen Rose Leadership Academy, Voyageur Academy and Consortium College Preparatory Academy. The schools have established scholarship partnerships with Central Michigan University and Michigan State University.

You don’t need any previous rapelling experience. There is a detailed tutorial, and continued instructions, provided by highly-trained ropes specialists, who travel the world putting on events like the one coming in May.

“American Promise Schools is proud to be the Detroit recipient of funds from this incredible event,” said Doug Ross, President, APS. “Our schools are built on the belief that anything is possible and all students deserve the opportunity for a college education. Watching rappellers tackle their fears and make that leap of faith demonstrates the courage it takes to go beyond your expectations.”
IMG_0115And if hooking yourself up to a rope and sliding down 341 stories isn’t your idea of an afternoon well-spent, but you would still like to donate, their is a VIP “chicken coop,” a tented area located right next to the landing zone, where you can enjoy complimentary food and beverage, as well as entertainment. Basically, there is fun to be had in the air, and on the the ground.

“This event is one of the most exhilarating in Detroit,” said Jim Ketai, CEO and Managing Partner of Bedrock Detroit. “From the top of the Albert Kahn-designed First National Building you can see every landmark in the city, plus the Detroit River and Canada. Many of our team members went ‘Over the Edge’ last year and had an incredible experience while helping to make a positive difference.”

Over the Edge is one of Detroit’s most exhilarating events, and an amazing way to raise money for great causes. It is not every day you can stand on one of Detroit’s most iconic buildings, and know that you are not taking the elevator, or even the stairs, to get back to your car.

You can sign up here for your chance to go Over the Edge.