Talk about a serious hit and run! On Friday night, Prince came out of nowhere and ran us over with the exciting news that he will be performing in Detroit… this coming Thursday.

The concert venue will be announced this Monday morning when tickets go on sale at noon. The prices for these tickets, much like the venue, are unknown at the moment.

The concert announcement is vaguely reminiscent of other musicians dropping awesome auditory bombs on us at a moment’s notice, such as Beyoncé quietly dropping her self-titled album late one December night a few years ago, or Drake’s “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late”. These projects, much like the Artist Formerly Known As an unpronounceable symbol’s sudden tour announcement, were massive hits and this tour will be the same.

The Hit and Run Tour began last month in Louisville with four shows announced the same way. Detroit will be lucky to be the second stop on The Purple One’s latest tour. The last time the High Priest of Pop was in town, it was over a decade ago.

Starting Monday at noon, you can buy your tickets to what is suddenly the most anticipated concert of the week on