Of course the Motor City loves to race! Just as the checkered flag was waved on the Belle Isle Grand Prix this past weekend, another racing competition is announced. The Red Bull Global Rallycross announced this week that it will have a run of races next month on July 25 and 26 also on Detroit’s Belle Isle.

Red Bull Global Rallycross CEO Colin Dyne tells the Free Press:

“Racing in the Motor City has always been a priority for Red Bull Global Rallycross… We know that local fans have been waiting patiently for us to make the trip to Detroit and we are pleased to do so by competing on Belle Isle, which has its own rich motorsports heritage.”

The event will offer up two separate races. Dyne excitedly explains that “We will be able to provide incredible value and a fantastic show for our fans.”

Some people are less than fired up about this new development. The Grand Prix, while insanely popular, took about as long as the 345th lap of the Indy 500 feels to set up. After a certain point, it just felt too long. It wasn’t just the length of time it took to set up and take down that has people questioning whether Belle Isle should host a similar event so soon. Many of the makeshift parking lots were damaged from the cars driving on the grass all weekend.

Chief of Parks and Recreation Ron Olson assures that this won’t be the case for the Red Bull event. The anticipated crowd is at a much more manageable 5,000 which won’t require the park to close down any roads or even take up the whole park.

The Red Bull Global Rallycross will be more than just fast cars chasing each other on a track. The races will combine dirt a tarmac for added texture and will feature a giant 70-foot jump.

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