There has been talk of a new home for the Detroit Red Wings but once again, any actual development has been delayed another week.

The Detroit City council met yesterday to vote on any zoning issues for construction to start on the new stadium at 1 p.m. yesterday, however, instead of voting on what was expected, the council decided that there were still too many issues to make it a reality.

With a vote of 6-3, the city council chose to push back the rezoning vote until next week so they could hammer out the final details on the renovation of the historic Hotel Eddystone.

One major downside to the City Council constantly postponing this vote is the 2017 opening date of the new Red Wings arena. Representatives from Olympia Development of Michigan expressed concern that any delays beyond next Tuesday’s vote could compromise those plans.

Until the council approves the rezoning issue Olympia can begin to excavate the area, however, they can’t build anything.

Joe Guillen of the Detroit Free Press writes on the benefits of the construction:

“The new arena is 58% publicly funded. Though Olympia will keep all revenues from arena operations, the project is expected to create thousands of construction jobs and help revive a section of the Cass Corridor currently lined with vacant lots and dilapidated buildings.”

The vote has been rescheduled for next Tuesday, the 20th of April.

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