Last summer there was lots of buzz with Ryan Gosling being in town. He’d been rumored to be coming in and out of town for a few years, checking Detroit out, developing an affinity for the city, and he eventually decided to make his debut film here.

Lost River comes out Friday.

Lost_River_posterIf you are familiar with the city, the trailer screams Detroit. The plot apparently is wild. There is a crazed city lord who cuts off the lips of his enemies. A deranged banker who runs a murder fetish club. A flooded town lurking under a body of water, which is home to a supernatural force. The imagery in my mind could only come out of Motown.

The ghoulish mouth in the photograph was constructed on the outside of The Masonic Temple, where a lot of the filming took place.

YES-Love-Theme-From-Lost-RiverIt stars Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) as a mother trying to protect her son and survive in a crumbling city. Her son is played by a new comer named Iain De Caestecker who spent time the in the city working with professional scrappers to lend a legitimacy to his characters plight. The film also stars Saorise Ronan who you may recognize from Hanna and The Lovely Bones. Ben Mendelsohn, the Australian born actor whose performance in Netflix’s recently released series Bloodline brings another layer of talent to the film. Rounding it out is British actor Matt Smith, who plays Bully, and by the looks of things brings another nefarious layer to the fantasy. Gosling’s girlfriend Eva Mendes has a role as well.

The soundtrack is handled by Drive composer Johnny Jewell. Gosling starred in Drive, and the score is worth the watch all by itself.

Lost River was not well received at Cannes, but by the looks of things, the critics may have jumped the gun, and been giving neophyte director, Ryan Gosling a hard time. It appears to be a noir fairy tale that could have only been realized in Detroit.