Walking downtown at night, it’s so clear that Detroit is full of beautiful and unexpected artwork. This week, famed American street artist Shepard Fairey will start adding to our city’s eclectic collection of art by painting the largest mural he has ever attempted to date.

Brought to Detroit by Bedrock Real Estate Services and Library Street Collective, Fairey will paint a massive mural spanning 184 feet by 60 feet on the Gratiot Avenue and Farmer Street side of One Campus Martius over the next several weeks. He will also have several of his works featured at Library Street Collective as a part of their “Printed Matters” exhibition which will be open to the public this Friday, May 22 through August 15.

Dan Mullen, Executive Vice President of Bedrock Real Estate Services declared, “We are thrilled to host such an iconic artist. Downtown Detroit provides the perfect backdrop for Fairey’s unique style and well-known brand of street art. Bedrock is focused on incorporating unique, interesting artwork into our downtown developments for everyone to enjoy.”

The multitalented Fairey, probably best known for creating President Obama’s 2008 “Hope” poster, will also be providing live music at the opening event for “Printed Matters” as a DJ. He will also be painting 5 larger-scale pieces for the outdoor exhibit.

Fairey will also be producing a new permanent mural in the art-filled alleyway, known simply as “the Belt”, which divides the Z parking garage on Grand River between Broadway and Library Street.

The artist explains his passion:

“Street art is one of the most democratic outlets for art. I onsider myself a multi-platform artist, not just a street artist, but the audience I found through street art has created many of the opportunities I now have on other platforms.”

Shepard Fairey’s monumental mural is only a part of an ongoing effort to bring art culture to the downtown Detroit area. For several years now, Bedrock and Rock Ventures have partnered to bring around 70 artists to the area to produce more than 100 projects with many more to come.

For more on Library Street Collective, you can head to their website at lscgallery.com. You can follow Fairey through his Twitter handle @ObeyGiant.

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