How would you like to live in a storage container? Don’t worry, it’s going to be a lot less mobster-style shady than it sounds. Development firm Three Squared has finally started working on their housing project that will use empty shipping containers which will be converted into multi-family homes.

This isn’t necessarily a new idea. The project was originally proposed seven years ago in 2008, but it hasn’t made much progress beyond the planning stage until this week when construction finally got underway.

John Gallagher of the Detroit Free Press writes:

“While tiny in itself, the project is seen as an experiment in using a new building technology as a tool in urban revitalization. European nations already have allow[ed] buildings to use empty shipping containers to build schools, housing, and more.”

Projects like this “off-label” use of shipping containers is a slightly more common practice in Europe than here in the States, yet somehow, Detroit has two similar ventures. The Three Squared model is on Trumbull in Corktown while an unrelated development will see a boutique hotel made out of these containers go up in the Eastern Market district.

The Corktown project is slated to be done and available for visits sometime in June.


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