If you’ve never been up north, you’re not fully enjoying everything living in Michigan has to offer. Luckily for those that haven’t made the five* hour trip up north, the lovely people at Pure Michigan and Under the Radar Michigan’s Tom Daldin brought us a live, interactive tour of Mackinac Island.

This live tour presented by Pure Michigan and UTR was livestreamed from the island on June 11 from noon to 4 p.m. and was viewed by over 3,000 people worldwide. But this wasn’t your average live stream where the audience sat quietly at their computers.

This is where it gets really cool. Thanks to Georama, an interactive discovery platform, not only were viewers treated to the gorgeous scenery, anyone watching at the time of the stream was able to ask Daldin questions which were sent to a Bluetooth earpiece and he was able to respond in real time. Something like this has never been done before.

Found and CEO of Georama Nihal Advani had this to say about the event:

This gives Pure Michigan a new way to showcase Michigan to the world and inspire and excite people from around the nation and the globe to make a trip… It’s like a preview of what it would be like to be in Michigan.”

Advani went on to explain that the two way interaction between view and Daldin as host allowed for a seemingly more personalized tour, even from halfway across the planet.

Daldin will host a similar tour right here in Detroit. However, the location has yet to be determined.

If you happen to have four hours, you can watch the full tour here.

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